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Legal Advice for Free Guides?

Legal Advice for free self help guides from Expert Answers, the online legal advice service, on the laws of England and Wales expertly curated by UK Solicitors and lawyers. The self help guides contains articles and videos on a variety of legal issues, written in easy to understand terms by a team of legal professionals. Professionals who have a wealth of legal knowledge and experience in their particular fields of UK law. You can also find solicitors local to you from our extensive database of UK solicitors. Or you can simply ask a question, using the question box at the bottom of each article, video or law firm entry.

Our Legal Advice  for Free articles resource has quickly grown to become a reliable and accurate source of legal content and informationon the Internet. We currently have over four hundred articles and forty videos on the website and we are committed to sourcing the best, accurate and most up to date information and informing the public about laws that are relevant to them. We are constantly adding to this resource so you may want to check back often.

Legal Advice Topics Covered?

The topics covered are far too numerous to list all here. The following is just a small example of the legal topics covered with more being added almost on a daily basis:
Sale of Goods Act, Money Claim Online (MCOL), Civil Procedure Rules (CPR), Criminal Damage, Parental Rights, Health & Safety at Work Act 1974 (HASAWA), Tort, Inheritance Tax, Rules of Intestacy, Contracts and Breaches, Tenants in Common, Tenants Rights, Copyright & Design Act, Divorce Advice, Redundancy, Constructive Dismissal, Defamation, Squatters Rights, Proceeds of Crime Act, ASBO, Bailiffs Advice … many many more topics.

We must advise caution, for you to not treat as accurate legal advice or rely on the information you find on our website. You should ask legal advice from a solicitor where appropriate or use the box below to ask a question where a qualified solicitor or lawyer will answer your questions.

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